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Leverage Professional Welding Services Sandton

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Our Services

We take pride in covering a diverse range of welding services. Our professional welders are well aware of the different types of welding tasks. Our welder Sandton services cover:

Arc Welding Services Sandton

One of the most commonly applied techniques of welding, arc welding requires great precision and care. An electric arc is generated between the electrode and base material to melt and join the metal. The best part of this welding technique is that it effective even on dirty metal. Leverage Professional Welding Services Sandton offers arc welding services Sandton to mainly repair heavy equipment and for pipeline welding.
This welding can be performed using AC as well as DC supplies. The generated temperature aids in high-speed welds. Give us a call to acquire our arc welding services.


Welding Repairs Sandton

Your property contains a large amount of metallic components. These components can damage due to various reasons. You should not go for the complete replacement of metallic materials right away. Call our welders to get professional advice before making your decision. We endeavor to save money and time of our clients by providing them with quick welding repairs Sandton services.
We completely analyze the material to detect the visible as well as hidden cracks. These cracks can easily be welded to restore the material to its normal form. We repair Aluminium materials, carbon alloys, as well as stainless steel. We conduct a thorough inspection of the material to assess whether it is suitable for repair or not. All such details are discussed with the clients for their satisfaction.

Welding Repairs Sandton

Metal Fabrication Sandton

Commercial industries require customized metal structures for their working procedures and manufacturing units. Our licensed metal fabricators are seasoned professionals who are well-equipped with all the ins and outs of metal cutting, bending and assembling. We assist various industrial sectors in transforming their raw materials into final products by acquiring our metal fabrication Sandton services. We have collaborated with these notable industries:

  • Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Energy
  • Defense
  • Ship building

Metal Fabrication Sandton

MIG Welding Sandton

MIG welding proves to be very effective when it comes to joining dissimilar metals. This automatic or semi-automatic welding technique handles minor weld splatter quite well. Automotive industry and home improvement industry in Sandton have been collaborating with Leverage Professional Welding Services Sandton for the last 10 years.
MIG welding technique is quite easy for DIY enthusiasts, but achieving optimal results requires professional experience. No need to waste your time and energy on trying welding yourself when you can hire our welders right away. Get MIG welding tasks done efficiently by Leverage Professional Welding Services in no time.

MIG welding

TIG Welding Sandton

Lawns and gardens are the most exquisite elements of a property. What if your landscape seems untidy and out of shape? Surely it would not cast a good impression of your property. Say goodbye to the conventional DIY techniques and hire the professionals of High-grade Tree Felling Services Sandton for landscaping Sandton.Effective but difficult compared to other welding techniques, TIG welding requires skilled hands to produce optimal results. Leverage Professional Welding Services Sandton applies this versatile welding method to weld wagons, lawn mowers, doors, and various other materials. You won’t experience the issues like fumes, smoke and uncontrolled heat with TIG welding. Give your metallic joints a long-lasting weld by leveraging our TIG welding services.

TIG Welding

What Hire Our Professionals?

Quality demands sheer commitment and expertise. Leverage Professional Welding Services Sandton has maintained an impeccable record in providing welding services to hundreds of happy clients.

Safety Assurance

Welding tasks are always prone to cause harm to people as well as property. We are licensed professionals and follow all the safety regulations to ensure a safe working environment. Our tools are tested properly and comply with safety standards.

Skilled Workmanship

We handle every project with undivided attention. Whether it is a commercial project or a small welding task, we give proper attention to every detail. The end results should meet the requirements of our clients.

Modern Equipment

Quality equipment and tools bring the efficiency to the work. No service provider can claim to be professional if it lacks the required equipment. We have top-notch tools in our inventory to handle each task to perfection. TIG & MIG welders, charged electrode, wire & electrode feed, and all other necessary tools are brought by our professionals to the working site.

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